XP1 5w-20 Race Engine Oil 946ml


XP1 5w-20 Engine Oil

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XP1 5w-20 Race Engine Oil 946ml

The XP range are pure race oils developed through years of R&D in the demanding world of NASCAR. They do not conform to any road approval rating, which means they are formulated to win races.

The XP oils have maximum anti-wear protection and friction reduction chemistry to help protect your engine and free up power, at the expense of a shorter service live. The best choice for heavily tuned engines or where you are chasing any incremental improvements in performance.

The service life depends on the type of use. For short-duration races, where the oil is exposed to lots of heat cycles, 500 miles is a sensible figure to work with. With regular filter changes, the XP oils can prove more cost-effective than using a cheaper oil and changing it after every one or two meetings.

The synthetic oils are perfect for endurance races, including 24-hours, where their ability to transfer heat and greater shear stability will provide improved performance. The consistent running enables the oils to last longer, as they are not subjected to multiple heat cycles.