Austin Seven Services & Engine Building

We are developing a range of quality components and services for owners of Austin Seven Sports models, including Ulsters and Specials.

    Front springs developed in conjunction with a leading suspension expert & Austin Seven racer.
    These have been tested and proven both on the road and racetrack including the Le Mans Classic.
    We can adapt leading links for dropped axles using a jig to ensure accurate alignment and castor angle.
    We rebuild Austin 7 engines and can supply them as standard or modified to suit any application.
    All components are carefully cleaned prior to inspection and measurement and a report produced to keep the client informed as to what is required to assemble the engine to the desired specification.
    Gearboxes and axles rebuilt.
    Clutch cover plates reconditioned.
    We can build complete Ulster replicas, or assist people who are building their own but require specialist help, such as exhaust fabrication, or mounting mudguards.