DT40 5W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil 5L


5W-40 Synthetic Engine Oil
5 litres

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Standard road oils are designed for long service intervals and have low emissions, which they achieve by including extremely high levels of detergents at the cost of reduced anti-wear chemistry. Your performance modified engine wants the opposite.

Changing road oil sooner will help, but it doesn’t solve the issue of low anti-wear chemistry to begin with. Adding ZDDP additives to a high-detergent oil doesn’t work, as the detergent will prevent the extra zinc from doing its job.

Driven Street Performance oils solve this issue. They have much higher anti-wear chemistry at the expense of reduced detergent levels, as they are not designed as long-life service oils.

All Driven oils have been born out of years of race experience, so they are designed to be super strong and not to thin out even under the most extreme conditions.